Teamwork Saves Puppy’s Life

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One week ago, this beautiful puppy was brought to Noah’s Ark by Macon County Animal Services Officer Stephanie Price after the Macon County Sheriff’s Dept. sought help when the dog was found in a suspect’s car after being pulled over for outstanding warrants.

The arresting officer noticed the puppy lying in the back seat looking around, but acting very lethargic. The little girl also had what appeared to be multiple cigarette burns on her body.

Officer Price rushed the pup over to Noah’s Ark and by the time they arrived, the little girl had slipped into unconsciousness. Dr. Todd and the Noah’s Ark team were anxious to assess the situation and try to save this little pup, who had clearly been abused.

Dr. Todd and Noah staffer Nikki Jones work with Animal Control Officer Stephanie Price to examine QT.

Suspecting the puppy’s lethargic behavior was due to illicit drugs being fed to it before police reached the vehicle, Narcan was administered to reverse the effects of heroin, fentanyl or other opiates. As it turned out, Narcan had no impact and the puppy remained comatose with very slow respirations.

Approximately seven hours into her ordeal, the little puppy, now named QT, woke up and was able to walk around. It was then we realized there were more problems…she would only use three legs. Radiographs revealed a broken hip and fractured leg.

On Monday, QT had surgery to repair her broken leg and hip.

Today, we’re happy to announce she’s recovering and should make a full recovery.

Animal Control Officer Stephanie Price poses with a recovering QT.

Unfortunate Community Impact

While a routine drug screen cleared QT of any common street drugs, Macon County Public Health is finding Xylazine, a large animal veterinary tranquilizer, in samples of drugs seized around the county.

Users are adding Xylazine to illicit drugs to enhance their effects, but it is an extraordinarily dangerous drug for humans. The CDC designated Xylazine-contaminated street drugs as an emerging public health threat, and a contributing factor to sharply rising overdose deaths nationwide.

Luckily, dogs technically can be overdosed at 10 times the safe dose without an adverse affect beyond prolonged sedation.

Angels Needed

Would you like to be an Angel and help with QT’s medical expenses?

Thanks to the generosity of Noah’s “Angels”, Noah’s Advocates for Animals can provide QT all the medical support she needs for a complete recovery to get her ready for a great, safe forever home.

If you’d like to be an Angel and make a donation for QT’s care, click here or click the gold “donate” button below). If you prefer to help with a check or cash, donation can be dropped off at Noah’s Ark, or mailed to the hospital, at 1239 Old Murphy Road, Franklin, NC, 28734.

Please make checks payable to Noah’s Advocates for Animals.

All donations help Noah’s offer life saving veterinary care for owners who otherwise could not afford it. Noah’s Ark is also the primary support for Macon County Animal Services when cruelty or neglect cases arrive in the shelter.

  • 100% of your donations to Noah’s Advocates for Animals go directly to animal care – Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital does not charge any administrative overhead or expenses.

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  • Noah’s Advocates for Animals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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Thanks to Law Enforcement

A special thanks to the quick actions of the Sheriff’s Deputies for making the call to Macon County Animal Services. Their quick response to bring this puppy in for emergency treatment was critical to a positive outcome. Their professionalism and awareness saved this puppy’s life.

Sweet QT may have had a very bad beginning, but now she’s sure to live happily ever after!

This beautiful girl is recovering nicely.