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Franklin, NC veterinary care!

In 2004 Dr. Todd and his family moved to Franklin and purchased an existing vet practice that is today Noah’s Ark. Then Dr. Todd was 25 years into his career and moved to the mountains to slow down and have a smallish, slower paced practice.

Dr. Todd and Dawn

In Raleigh, Dr. Todd had a large and devoted following of clients who liked his willingness to support raw and home cooked diets, use alternative therapies like acupuncture, minimize exposure to chemicals, prudently vaccinate, and explain things in a very easy to understand manner. Some of these clients still make the trek to Franklin today!

Now 32 years into his career, Dr. Todd’s unique approach to health and wellness is evolving and growing. Always curious, always studying, he’s always looking for the very best ways to keep his pets, and yours, at peak health.

Noah’s Ark takes being excellent very seriously. In 2009 the team decided to commit to excellence by submitting to inspection and certification by the American Animal Hospital Association. Only 15 % of animal hospitals achieve accreditation. AAHA looks at over 900 areas to ensure that member hospitals are providing the highest quality medicine available. Noah’s Ark was re-accredited by AAHA in 2013. You can learn more about AAHA’s standards for their members here.

Behind the scenes, Noah’s Ark is a modern veterinary facility with a fully equipped surgical suite, state of the art in-house laboratory & pharmacy, digital radiography, and electronic medical records. We frequently hear clients wish we could treat their human ailments! Our facility helps our doctors diagnose and treat most problems quickly. However, should the need arise for a specialist, there are excellent specialty services to refer to, and we have relationships with all of them.

Just one of the things that makes Noah’s Ark such a unique place is the community service and non-profit organization that runs within the walls of Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital (and the Todd’s home)– Noah’s Ark Humane Society.

Dr. Todd getting ready to transport rehabilitated dogs back to Saving Grace for adoption.

To learn more about the activities of Noah’s Ark Humane Society, click here. With this work comes much fostering and rehabilitation of cruelty cases and adoptable pets that just need some time to heal from untreated medical conditions. The Todd’s home is a busy place – there are the rescue pets, the six permanent Todd dogs, two cats and multiple companion birds. All these companions do serve a vital role in the organization though. Any time a new product is even considered for our client’s pets, it first has to pass muster with Dr. Todd’s crew – and they’re a discriminating bunch!