BrysonWednesday night, March 20th, Dr. Todd had been home just 20 minutes when a call came in to our emergency line. “We’re not clients” the caller explained, “but we’ve called everywhere and no one will see us”.

Seems the caller had been taking some sheet metal to the local dumpster. He held the sheet metal up to toss it into what he assumed to be an empty dumpster, and something made him stop and look in. To his horror, he saw a dog’s head sticking out of a trash bag. Beside him lay another dog…. dead.

Bryson 1When the local sheriff arrived, our caller jumped into the dumpster, and the sheriff assisted him in getting the living dog out. The injured dog had apparently been bludgeoned, stuffed into double thick trash bags, and left to die as well.

Bryson City is in another county, about 45 minutes from Noah’s Ark. Our Good Samaritans had called at least a dozen hospitals looking for help when they finally found Noah’s Ark.

Bryson 2An hour later Dr. Todd was examining the pup we’d name “Bryson”. He determined that although he had taken quite a blow, and his nose was probably fractured, his injuries were not life threatening. Bryson received some medication for his pain and swelling, was treated for a nose bleed, and tucked into a nice safe, warm bed.

The family was so incensed by what had happened to Bryson that they alerted the local media. Soon the story was picked up around the country and Bryson became a bit of an overnight celebrity. See just one of the many stories by clicking here.

Bryson 3For now, Bryson is living in Dr. Todd’s home. Despite his harsh treatment, he is quite a loving and affectionate pup. He’s very social to people, dogs of all sizes, and cats. He is housebroken, and definitely enjoys getting on a soft bed or couch. He’s very calm and quiet – no one has heard a peep out of him since he’s been taken into the Noah’s Ark family. Cutest of all is the submissive grin he shows some people when he meets them… and his little tail never stops wagging.

When Bryson is completely healthy, he’ll get a brand new loving family.

Bryson’s story is horrible, but unfortunately not unique. Noah’s Ark takes in many abused and neglected pets each year.

You can make a donation to Bryson’s medical fund by clicking the link below.

We could not serve our community and the animals here, without the loyal support of our Angel donors. Thank you for caring about dogs like Bryson.

Bryson 4

Bryson with Dr. Todd, Dawn, and the Good Samaritans who rescued him.

– Dawn Todd, Director, Noah’s Ark

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