Beginning December 7, 2020 Noah’s Playground will be closed for extensive renovations.
As many of you are aware, over the past two years the Playground has repeatedly experienced major
flooding. We are not getting assistance from the town or county to mitigate the situation, but the result
of this ongoing flooding has created a tremendous backlog of extensive repairs. Not all of the
backlogged repairs are from flooding. The Playground has been in operation for five years. The volume
of players has dramatically increased and created substantial wear and tear on the facility. We
anticipate that the Playground will be closed for an estimated 10 weeks.

Play Days will be available at Noah’s Play & Train. That facility offers a large indoor play area,
doggie treadmill, and individual training sessions for pampered pooches.

Important information about whether your pampered pooch is right for Play & Train:

  1.  Not all dogs approved for Noah’s Playground will be appropriate for daycare at Noah’s Play &
    Train. Discuss with Amanda whether Play & Train will be a good option for you.
  2. Reservations are mandatory at Noah’s Play & Train. We must plan space and adequate time for
    Play & Train programming for each pet. Be sure to let us know the time you’ll be dropping off
    and picking up your pet. We’ll meet you at the back door of Play & Train to check your pet in
    for the day.
  3. Noah’s Play & Train programming includes short one on one sessions to reinforce behaviors
    you’re working on with your pet. Be sure to let us know what behaviors you’d like help reinforcing.
  4. If your pet comes to Noah’s Play & Train they must have reasonable leash manners (for outdoor
    walks) AND be comfortable being crated for short periods of time.
  5. Depending upon the renovations scheduled at Noah’s Playground, and the weather, we may elect
    to transport small groups of dogs from Noah’s Play & Train to Noah’s Playground for outdoor
    play time. If you do not want your dog transported on our van, you must OPT OUT of outdoor
    play sessions.
  6. If you are on a monthly pass AND your pet is approved to come to Play & Train, you can continue
    to use the same pass or Play Day 5 session card.
  7. If your pet is not approved for Play & Train daycare, we will refund unused portions of your pass.