Resources you can trust – some of our favorite websites



  • ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist – We love this site! Just select what type of pet you have a question about, type a few words about the problem you’re having, and the site will quickly give you several options of articles addressing the problems you face. Written by some of the top trainers in the country, this site is loaded with valuable information on all things behavioral.
  • The Whole Dog Journal – Since 1999 The Whole Dog Journal has been a highly respected publication for those seeking the best advice for caring for their canine companions. This publication is right up our alley – they promote everything that improves the quality of life and health of our companions – whether it’s considered “conventional” medicine or alternative. WDJ is famous for their annual pet food reviews and being very early promoters of positive methods of dog training. Subscribers ($20 per year or $30 for two years) have full access to their excellent website. Even if you’re not a subscriber with full access, there are plenty of great reads on this site.
  • K-9 Solutions – Site of Sylvie Pleasant, trainer par excellence, has appointments with clients of Noah’s Ark every 6-8 weeks.
  • Sirius Dog Training – Dr. Dunbar is a world renowned dog trainer. Although his headquarters are in San Fransisco, you can take advantage of his expertise by clicking this link. There you’ll find 14 downloadable papers on the most common and troublesome problems humans encounter in sharing their lives, and homes, with dogs.


  • Orijen Pet Foods – Pet Food of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – Available exclusively at Noah’s Ark. We love this product because Champion Foods, who makes both Orijen and Arcana, are one of the few companies that own and control their own production facility. Frequent pet food recalls remind us that SEVEN multinational corporations manufacture almost 90% of the pet food sold in the US. These companies almost all manufacture their foods through contract manufacturers.
  • Nordic Natural Fish Oils – Although fish oils are a fantastic supplement to your pet’s diet, not all fish oils are equal. Because there are no pharmaceutical grade standards for fish oil in the United States, Nordic Naturals evaluates the fish oil used in its products by the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard.
    The fish oil used in all Nordic Naturals products is third-party tested to verify that it surpasses these strict standards for purity and freshness, and that it reaches the level of potency claimed on the label. We take this fish oil ourselves daily, and can attest to it’s freshness.
  • Bravo Pet Foods – Noah’s Ark carries the BRAVO line of raw diets for cats and dogs. We have these products available in both 5 pound “chubs”, and patties. This website has great information about the benefits of raw feeding, converting your pet to a raw diet, and how much to feed.



  • Trupanion Medical Insurance for your pet – Our favorite pet insurance company. The Trupanion website has a really easy to use premium calculator so that you can quickly see how changing your deductible affects your monthly premium. This is the company Dr. Todd has his most pampered pets insured with. Remember, if you carry a pet insurance policy, Noah’s Ark will reimburse your account with a $100 credit towards your deductible if you use Noah’s Ark for a covered service. Trupanion policies come with no annual or lifetime limits on coverage.



Check with Noah’s Ark, since we occasionally have dogs and cats for adoption.We work closely with Saving Grace, an excellent program out of Raleigh. We have frequent transports for qualified homes.

  • Saving Grace -Molly Goldston is executive director of Saving Grace. A lifelong friend of Dr. Todd, Molly runs an outstanding adoption program for canines out of Raleigh, NC. Molly accepts into the Saving Grace program many of the adoptable dogs surrendered at Noah’s Ark, or Macon County AC. All dogs going through Molly’s program receive all needed veterinary care and are thoroughly evaluated for temperament before being placed in a home.