The most famous long-term resident of Noah’s Ark, Midnight came to us November 3, 2004. He was found with an electrical cord wrapped tightly around his neck, and he had been set on fire. He had burns over 50% of his body. The police were brought in to investigate this horrific cruelty case, but no one was ever held responsible.

It took several days for Midnight to be found after his ordeal, and although his condition was quite grave, his spirit was good. He kept looking at us, purring non-stop, and his gold eyes seemed to be pleading for help. We decided that after so much cruelty had been shown to him, we’d give him a chance.

His recovery took over a year and countless surgeries, but he’s quite a happy, healthy cat today. You’ll most often find him lounging in our lobby, but if he gets a chance, he’ll raid our food room and open a new bag for himself in a heartbeat!



Romeo got his name from being a real lover. He is one of Dr. Todd’s personal pets. Now let’s be clear, the Todd’s would prefer, for many reasons, that everyone keep their cats strictly indoors. This becomes quite impossible at their home though, with all the rescue dogs coming and going – the cats just have too many chances to escape.

Romeo’s first brush with death came when someone living near the Todd’s shot him in the head with a rifle. Dr. Todd managed to remove the bullet, and miraculously, Romeo made a full recovery. He even became sweeter after this brush with death.

Almost to the day, two years later, Romeo was shot again. This time the bullet went right through him, again miraculously missing all major organs and bones. At this point, we decided Romeo was really pushing the nine lives thing and we moved him to the Ark for his own safety. He’s fat and happy there. He’s been up for adoption for a couple of years, but it’s super hard to place adult cats in our area.


Tiny Tim

Finally, there’s Tiny Tim. He was brought to us Christmas Eve of 2013 with his eye protruding from his head. It was an old injury, and the eye could not be saved. Dr. Todd went to work removing the painful eye and this remarkable feline found himself a permanent job greeting visitors to Noah’s and warming up patients when they come out of surgery. He’s really one unusual cat!

Tiny Tim at work warming up and comforting recovering patients.

Tiny Tim at work warming up and comforting recovering patients.