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Meet Dr. Jeff Todd, Owner and Medical Director of Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital in Franklin, North Carolina. At our veterinary hospital, you’ll experience quality and compassionate care from experienced veterinarians.

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“My name is Dr. Jeff Todd. I am owner and Medical Director of Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital.

I’ve been practicing veterinary medicine for 38 years and over that span of time, I’ve had the opportunity to gather quite a bit of knowledge and wisdom, and I tend to take a holistic approach to solving my patient’s problems. We try to get to the root of that health problem by looking at the overall patient, and all the things that impact them on a day-to-day basis.

Not only do we use all of our conventional tools and wisdom of Western Medicine, surgery and antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, but we also bring different tools like acupuncture and fresh and raw diets and both traditional and Chinese herbal medicine.

I’m very proud of our AAHA accreditation. We work quite hard to achieve it and only 15% of the hospitals in the United States and Canada receive this distinction. I really am very fortunate. I’ve been doing this for 32 years, and I still absolutely love coming to work every day.”

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