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  • Oct 16 2013

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    Why We Perform Annual Exams at Noah’s Ark by Dr. Jeff Todd

    In this post, I’ll explain what’s really vitally important to your pet’s health – a yearly physical exam. I also urge you to let us advise you on “shots”. Immunology…

  • Aug 13 2013

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    Forever Fighting Fleas in Franklin, NC

    I have a mantra when it comes to fleas that sounds something like this ……… “Don’t wait until you see adult fleas to treat for fleas.”…. “Do not wait to…

  • Jul 16 2013

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    The Real Vampires of Macon County NC

    Did you know that we live among vampires-– creatures that can survive only on the blood of others? Creatures that, like vampires, are really hard to kill? Ticks are our…

  • Jun 05 2013

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    My Beef with Rawhide by Dr. Jeff Todd

    Most people don’t give a second thought to giving their dogs a rawhide to chew on. At Noah’s Ark we advocate the most natural diet you can feed your pet-…

  • Apr 18 2013

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    Please Pass the Prevention

    by Dawn Todd Benjamin Franklin first famously uttered, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” in 1736, when he was just 30 years old. We still quote…

  • Feb 13 2013

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    Something To Sink Your Teeth Into– Dental Health!

    I’m going to share something personal with you… so please try not to judge me too harshly! The truth is, I’m a bit obsessive about brushing my own teeth. I…

  • Dec 10 2012

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    Happy Healthy Holidays

    I speak for myself and the entire staff when I say that we love seeing you walk through the front door…..but this month, we’ll offer some advice to help you…

  • Oct 30 2012

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    How to Pick the Perfect Pooch

    by Dawn Todd On October 9th I flew to Boston to attend a conference on a subject that’s been of interest to me for many years now — how do…

  • Aug 07 2012

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    Does Your Dog Bite?

    By Dawn Todd I have been living with anywhere from 10 to 50 dogs for almost 20 years. During that time I’ve evaluated hundreds of shelter dogs, and I’ve brought…

  • Aug 07 2012

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    Dr. Todd Discusses Vaccinations

    Each year about 2000 humans visit Noah’s Ark with their beloved companion dogs and cats. Some are here year round and we see them for all their veterinary care; some…