Meet the caring and compassionate veterinary team of Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital in Franklin, NC.

Our entire staff cares! Positions with Noah’s Ark are very sought after, and we pride ourselves in having only the most dedicated, gentle, caring staff members. We’ve been certified by Just Economics of WNC as a living wage certified employer. That means all employees are paid what has been deemed a living wage in Western North Carolina. We also provide our full time employees with a health insurance benefit, retirement plan, continuing education and paid time off. The Todds are firmly committed to fair and just wages.

Meet some of the members of Team Noah…. with our furriest members of the board supervising as well.

Dr. Jeff Todd – Owner, Medical Director, Medical Director Noah’s Ark Humane Society

Dr. Jordan Thomas – Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Laura McEndaffer – Associate Veterinarian

Dawn Todd – Practice Manager, Director Noah’s Ark Humane Society

Dee Patton – Administration & Accounting, Treasurer Noah’s Ark Humane Society

Kait Humbree – Assistant Practice Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Animal Behavior Specialist

Patti Reddoch – Office Manager

Brooke Hopkins – Assistant to the Director, Marketing and Communications

Jennifer Brown – Administration & Customer Service

Patrick Frank – Administration & Customer Service

Rachel Meuller – Licensed Veterinary Technician

Christina Darnall – Nursing

Michele Flowers – Nursing

Anna Harris – Nursing

Amanda Morgan – Noah’s Playground

Rachel Stewart – Kennel Assistant / Noah’s Playground Assistant

Sierra Peppers – Noah’s Playground Assistant

Erin Eastburn – Kennel Assistant

Amy Fritz – Housekeeping Support