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Dear Friends,

We are taking EXTRA measures to do our part to insure we keep pets healthy while minimizing the chance of unintentionally spreading the disease. The COVID-19 virus is spread through contact with an infected person. With increasing availability of vaccinations, nearly all of our staff are vaccinated against contracting Covid 19. We’re hoping to transition vaccinated clients back into the building early June 2021. 

Here’s what else we’re doing:

  • Practicing Social Distancing
    The staff at Noah’s Ark are famous for being caring, compassionate, kind.. and hugging lots of clients. During this public health emergency, we have directed our staff to refrain from hugs, handshakes or kissing the clients! Our employees generally interact with many people a day, out of an abundance of caution we’re also asking employees, where possible, to keep at least six feet between themselves and our clients.
  • We’re still avoiding bringing all clients into the building.
    When you arrive for your appointment please call our front desk to let us know you’re here and which car you are in.
    We’ll come to your car and get your baby while you wait in your vehicle. Our doctors will examine, diagnose, treat and make a care plan. We’ll bring your pet back to you once they’re treated! We’ll soon be transitioning to having vaccinated clients inside with their pets again. 

What other services are we rolling out to keep you and your safe and healthy? 

  • Same day prescription refills mailed to you with free shipping
  • The ability to pay online for any product order and have it waiting for you when you get to Noah’s for “curbside” delivery

We thank you in advance for your efforts to help keep us all safe as we navigate this unique challenge. Please check back often for updates as our response to this crisis unfolds!

Dr. Todd and Dawn