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  • Aug 09 2023

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    Common sweetener is toxic to pets

    Let’s face it, it’s difficult to not give our most-loved furry friends some human food they adore. Those pleading eyes, the tail wag or purrs. But when it comes to…

  • Jul 26 2023

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    An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

    It's an old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In this post I’ll explain why scheduling regular exams is especially important for your pets. Remember,...
  • Jul 25 2023

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    At War with the Common Flea

    By Dawn Todd I do nutrition and behavior consultations for Noah’s Ark clients. Interestingly, I answer as many questions about fleas as I answer about diets and behavior problems. So,…

  • Jul 23 2023

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    Building a Better Bond is as Easy as P.E.T.

    By Dawn Todd Not long ago, I was in an exam room talking to Patty. She was with her muscular little brown terrier Buster, and a couple of her two-legged…

  • Jul 20 2023

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    How Do I Walk Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

    Everyone agrees that having a buddy makes a fitness plan easier to stick to. I’d like to propose that making your dog your fitness partner is a “win-win” for both…

  • May 16 2023

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    Teamwork Saves Puppy’s Life

    One week ago, this beautiful puppy was brought to Noah’s Ark by Macon County Animal Services Officer Stephanie Price after the Macon County Sheriff’s Dept. sought help when the dog...
  • May 04 2023

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    Bee Stings & Snake Bites: Dr. Todd’s First-Aid Tips

    If you've ever been stung by (one or many) yellow jackets, you know first hand that these stings really stay painful for a long time. In our area it's not...
  • Apr 27 2023

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    The Trouble With Ticks

    The Trouble with Ticks, by Dr. Jeff Todd Many of us really never think about ticks unless we see them attached to our wandering dogs or cats. If we’re not...
  • Apr 23 2023

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    Thinking Outside The (Litter) Box

    My friend Linda came in for an appointment the other day. She's a true animal lover, and we've helped her with quite a few animal rescues of one sort or...
  • Apr 15 2023

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    Getting Ready for Puppy Season in Franklin, NC? Adopting TWO Pups Together

    Spring is lovely in Franklin, North Carolina. Just as surely as the season brings back our beautiful, lush green world, it also promises to deliver literally hundreds and hundreds and...