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  • Sep 05 2016

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    Bee Stings & Snake Bites – Dr. Todd’s First Aid Tips

    If you’ve ever been stung by one (or many) yellow jackets, you know first hand that these stings really stay painful for a long time. In our area it’s not…

  • May 04 2016

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    What to do when your dog growls

    By Dawn Todd I’ve been living with anywhere from 10 to 50 dogs for over 20 years. During that time I’ve evaluated hundreds of shelter dogs, and I’ve brought more…

  • Mar 28 2016

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    Is Your Finicky Feline Fat?

    By Dawn Todd At The Ark we often see felines who tip the scales at 15, 20 or even 30 pounds! Even our resident beefcake Tiny Tim struggles to keep…

  • Jan 20 2016

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    Building a Better Bond is as Easy as P.E.T.

    By Dawn Todd This week I was in an exam room talking to Patty. She was with her muscular little brown terrier Buster, and a couple of her two legged…

  • Oct 21 2015

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    Pointers for a Perfect Potty: House Training 101

    By Dawn Todd Although Dr. Todd and I kid about what a “pisser” Spanky is, the issue of house training is actually no joking matter. Dogs who don’t “get” house…

  • Sep 02 2015

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    All You Need is Love (and a Dog!)

    They Call it Puppy Love…We Just Call it LOVE By Dawn Todd Yesterday our lovely client Betty told me, “No one loves their dog more than I love my Honeybun!”…

  • Aug 17 2015

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    Dog Play is More than Just Fun and Games

    By Dawn Todd Dogs and humans have play in common. This is just one of the many reasons we feel such kinship to dogs – both our species like to play…

  • Jul 23 2015

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    Everything You Need to Know about Canine Flu

    Find yourself fearing the flu? Canine Influenza is a hot topic right now. We’ve taken some complicated science and distilled it into just what you need to know to keep your…

  • Jul 10 2015

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    Fighting a Formidable Foe — FLEAS!

    By Dawn Todd I often warn about the real dangers to our health ticks can pose. They’re capable of spreading some pretty nasty diseases to us. Despite that, no one comes in…

  • Jun 05 2015

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    Are you smarter than your dog?

    How Many Tricks do YOU Know? By Dawn Todd Take a moment if you will to consider how many “tricks” you’ve taught your pampered pet. Go ahead… I’ll wait.If you’re…