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Molly Goldston is one amazing woman. Dr. Todd and I have known her for over 20 years (which means a good chunk of her life). Molly is executive director of Saving Grace, in Raleigh, NC. Her organization fosters and places many of the very adoptable dogs we come across in Franklin. Molly is also frequently called upon by the Humane Society of the United States. She’s gone undercover to see conditions in puppy mills, and helps with many HSUS seizure and rescue operations. In 2011, Molly’s group was called upon to assist with three different puppy mill closures. Noah’s Ark Advocates for Animals (formerly the Noah’s Ark Humane Society) took in dogs for rehabilitation from each of these raids. By far the one that got the most press coverage was the one in nearby Lenoir, NC. To see live footage of that seizure, click here. Molly appears in this footage.

Over 300 dogs were seized that day, many with litters of puppies. Noah’s Ark took three litters and six adult dogs – a total 21 dogs – all in deplorable condition. Two of the very young litters were fostered by Gloria and Kelsey of Country Squire Pet Services. Dr. Todd and I kept Ethel and her litter of five french bull dogs pups.

Rescued from a puppy mill with 269 adult dogs, Ethel had spent her entire life in a cage, wallowing in filth. Her 5 pups were far too much for her emaciated body.

Ethel had lived her entire life on a grate in a small cage, as a result, her legs are deformed. When Dr. Todd spayed her, he remarked she must have had many, many litters. Her body was terribly emaciated, and she was far too debilitated to nurse those hungry pups.


Ethel was far too emaciated to feed 5 hungry pups

We weaned the pups off of Ethel, and began feeding them a nutritious diet. Twenty one dogs might seem like a very small portion of the more than 300 that needed to be placed in the state’s network of rescue groups – but let me assure you, six moms and 15 puppies is A LOT of work.

Ethel had an amazing personality. Despite the cruelty that she’d known her entire life, she was still so gentle and trusting. Her favorite thing with us was to sit in the recliner at the end of the day and snuggle.

Noah’s Ark performed all of the rehabilitation and vet work necessary to prepare this group of dogs for adoption. Kelsey took great pictures of their progress so that Molly could post them on Once the puppies were nine weeks old, we transported them back to Saving Grace where many were already spoken for. At this point, all of these dogs have been placed in carefully qualified, forever homes.


Ethel’s pups being raised at the Todd’s

Ethel’s Puppies ready for adoption!


I often feel that many rescue dogs are actually aware that their nightmare is over, and to me they seem grateful.

It is only through the generosity of our Angels that we’re able to help in our small way to make things better for some of the lucky dogs that escape the horrors of the mills.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for caring about the animals,

Dawn Todd, Director Noah’s Ark Advocates for Animals