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“Pamela and I recently experienced a serious emergency with resulted in our very beloved dog, Saki, losing an eye. While we do not know what happened to cause her initial injury, we do know how the staff and doctors of your clinic responded to her needs and there are simply no words that can adequately express our gratitude. From the moment a very distraught Pamela arrived, unannounced, with our Saki, to our departure the next day with a drastically altered pet, each and every member of the Noah’s Ark staff treated us with the utmost courtesy, sympathy and compassion. You should be very proud of the folks that are the face of your clinic. The unfortunate result of Saki’s accident was certainly not something that one ever considers a possibility. However, we sincerely believe that the treatment she received at Drs. Todd and Thomas’ hands was the absolute best, most professional veterinary care available anywhere. Pamela and I are grateful beyond description for the care provided to us and our Saki by you and your support staff during this extremely distressful incident. Thank you!” -Michael H.

“Thank you so much for our wonderful visit with Simba this evening. As we drove home, we were discussing and reflecting on the local veterinarian place we had been using the past few years and comparing it to Noah’s Ark….what a world of difference. A customer will usually pay more for quality, especially the well being of our beloved pets. I feel we have been blessed to find you guys!!! You are worth the schlep!!! :)” Eva E.

“Now that things have calmed a bit I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much your efforts and those of Dr. Todd and staff have meant to us. Coming from Atlanta where I lived next door to my vet and walked across my yard for any problem I didn’t think I would ever feel comfortable or safe with another care taker for my baby Bailey. You guys really do go above and beyond, you didn’t even know us and I felt like you treated me and my family as if we were life long friends. I felt as if the care of Bailey was first above all else. Dr. Todd was so compassionate and full of explanations and advice. The support staff was so kind as well and just gave excellent customer service. The check-up phone calls we received from you and others meant the world during a very stressful time. Not all stories end happily, and of course you know we lost Bailey, but I was so impressed by your staff and the facility we sent Bailey to for cremation. Bailey was treated with dignity and compassion and I couldn’t have asked for more. Now a new chapter is unfolding with our newest member of the family ‘Georgia’. I am already once again impressed by the care you guys offer from diet to training to referrals of groomers. Noah’s Ark really is a one stop shop so to speak when you want the best care for your animal. Thanks again for all you did and making me feel like someone cared for Bailey as much as I did.” -Tara R.

“I don’t know exactly how I can possibly tell you just how much the stories in your message touched me.  I sat, tears streaming down  my cheeks, thinking of every single one of those precious little animals…thinking how much it meant to me, to have you two in our lives.  You not only took care of Miss Scarlett, but you also took care of me, after having no sleep for days, when you said ‘Myrlan, I know you’re exhausted, why don’t you let us take Miss Scarlett home with us’ …as you relentlessly worked to resolve the difficult problems she had.  I will never, ever forget it.  Our ‘babies’ mean everything to us.  I love her beyond measure and it’s because of you and your ‘angels’ that I still have my  baby today.  Thank you a million times for your kindness and caring…I am looking forward to being one of your angels…soon.” -Myrlan W.

Client_survey“From the first panicked after hours phone call to his last breaths, words fail their purpose when we try to express our appreciation for the care we received from Noah’s Ark. The list of details for which to be grateful is long. Greeting us at the car, drinks appearing for all of us, soothing music, after hours labs, updates, detailed explanations, calls from home to check his progress, pain control, the ‘I just had a thought’ calls, and finally, the response to his last need – all for an old dog you had just met. What it comes down to is that the world is a better place because you are here.” –Jane & Dan

Dr. Todd, thanks for your incredible East meets West approach with a wonderful dollop of kindness and compassion. And of course for kissing Billy on the nose her last day. Humans could only be so lucky to have a clinic with the same approach. I know there are more of you behind the scenes, but you all make Noah’s Ark an amazing place. I don’t know how Franklin got so lucky to get you all here but I’m very happy you are.” –Wendy W.

Testimonials2 “We visited you for a consult several years ago and one visit with you made more of a difference in Aster than years of testing and Rx’s from other vets. She was back to normal after several weeks on the food and supplements that you suggested for her post bloat issues. I haven’t met a better doctor (for humans or animals), so I thought I’d let you know just how much of a difference you made in Aster’s life. I’d rather drive 300 miles to see you than 30 to the vet school.“ –Lauren W.

Dr. Todd is the most caring Vet I have ever known. Good job Noah’s Ark!” “They are AMAZING! My cat had an upper respiratory infection, I was on a budget, and they were not only able to see my cat but give him antibiotics all within my budget! Wonderful and friendly staff! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! -Melissa O.

“My babies have seen various vets over many years, however none have shown the compassion, tenderness and kindness that Dr. Todd has shown to all my babies. He and the staff have always been wonderful to me and I am so grateful for that. I truly appreciate it.” -Janet O.

“This is the best place to bring your pet!”

“This is the most amazing place! We moved here a few years ago and were seeing another vet. But were not satisfied with the services. And so began our search, which landed us in the office of Noah’s Ark. What a wonderful experience it has been!! The entire team there works together and makes you feel like family. Yes its a small place, in a small town, but what a big difference they make! The animals they save, the people they help, the compassion they share, and the time they give, is absolutely remarkable!!” -Barbara B.

“I think you guys have the greatest job in the world- I’m so happy to have finally found a vet who understands a raw diet & trying to treat the whole dog rather than just treating symptoms. I Love You Guys!”

“Was really impressed with cleanliness of the facility and how everyone seems to care for the animals!”

I would never take my animals anywhere else!

“I love my vet!”

“Always a great experience – Dr. Todd will spend as much time as I need talking to me and explaining everything!”

“Including my extended family of animal lovers, we have seen every vet in town & your service has been well beyond all the others – the way every animal is treated kindly & as if they were a loved family member (because they are!) is fantastic.”

Thank you for coming to our town!” “I only wish my human healthcare was as good as what my dogs receive at Noah’s!

“It is truly refreshing to see a vet (and his wife) who seem dedicated and concerned with the welfare of animals.

“You are always friendly and helpful, you work us in quickly when we have an emergency and we appreciate it!”

Staff is well-trained in great customer service. Wonderful to work with you guys- most enjoyable. A-plus for effort!”

“This is the most amazing place! We moved here a few years ago and were seeing another vet. But were not satisfied with the services. And so began our search, which landed us in the office of Noah’s Ark. What a wonderful experience it has been!! The entire team there works together and makes you feel like family. Yes it’s a small place, in a small town, but what a big difference they make! The animals they save, the people they help, the compassion they share, and the time they give, is absolutely remarkable!!”

“Dr. Todd you have the best staff, all of them are great.”

You guys ROCK!

“Dr. Todd & Dawn, A huge thank you to your entire outstanding staff. We think the world of you. You’ll never know just how much you helped us.

“I am most pleased with how each assistant and the vet seem interested & actually care about each animal they see. Very professional staff!

You guys are the BEST!

“We have found the doctors and staff at Noah’s Ark to be knowledgeable, courteous, caring, & compassionate.

I always feel welcomed when I come into the office. Everyone always speaks to me and is affectionate towards my dog. I love coming to you, it is a joy.” Image4

Excellent staff & facility.

“We recently moved here and I got lost and was late for my first appointment. The staff gave me directions and said ‘don’t drive too fast – just be safe’. I loved that! Your business came highly recommended by Ron H. and many others. They said you would treat our pets as well as you do theirs.”

“Everyone is always friendly and helpful. It’s nice to take my pets somewhere where I know they will be cared for and helped.

This place is wonderful to the people and pets. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help!”

“Always GREAT!” “Thank you all so much. Ziggy had an accident which needed stitches and you all got him in right away. His is doing great. You guys are wonderful.

What our clients have said about us on Yelp:

“The second my husband and I walked into Noah’s Ark we knew we had made a great choice for our animals’ vet care.  We were instantly put at ease by the front office staff who greeted us with empathy and quick service.  We also loved being welcomed by the cats who live at Noah’s Ark, waiting for their forever homes, and by the dogs who hang out at the Ark for doggy day care.  Since finding Noah’s Ark we have consistently been impressed by our vet techs, who are always in great spirits, clearly love animals and their jobs, and willing to take as much time as necessary hearing our updates and concerns.  Dr. Todd is hands down the most gentle, knowledgeable, and sensible vet I have ever met.  He has earned my implicit trust, as I am confident he will always provide the best care possible for my pets.  For example, when our cat had spent the weekend not moving or eating, Jennifer was able to squeeze us in for the last appointment slot on Monday evening.  It wasn’t immediately clear what was going on with Gidget, so Dr. Todd did an incredibly thorough exam.  I have never seen a vet be more gentle with a cat while he was scanning her body for possible causes of pain.  By the time we got to the bottom of it, we had already gone over the allotted appointment time, and the office was technically closed.  I would have expected to be rushed through the check-out process, but Dr. Todd took the time to explain the issue, and show us how to give our (sometimes surly) cat her medication.  Not only did we get in to the office last-minute and get quality care for our cat; she was treated gently, and we were as well.  And we were so thankful. I also want to mention Dr. Todd’s wife, Dawn, the co-owner of the business.  Dawn is an expert in animal behavior and nutrition, and she’s always available to chat about our pets by appointment, or just off-the-cuff in the office.  She is responsible for managing the Angel Fund, which helps provide care for pets when their owners can’t afford it.  And she personally makes sure that the homeless pets the Ark takes in find the perfect forever families.  When you come to the office she makes you feel like you’re part of the family.  And we’re so thankful for that as well. Noah’s Ark makes it their business to care about all aspects of the pets they serve.  And they really understand how stressful it can be for both the humans and the pets to visit the vet.  There is never any judgment, only compassion, support, and a plan for moving forward. I have never felt better about taking my animals to a vet.  And I’m certain my animals have never received better care than they do at Noah’s Ark.” -Brooke H.

There is a special vibe at Noah’s Ark – everyone there clearly loves animals and is passionate about providing superior care and service. Dr. Todd is great and absolutely dedicated. The hospital provides awesome community service and programs as well that ensure all animals receive the care and attention they need regardless of the financial circumstance of the owner. Everyone’s heart is in the right place at Noah’s Ark. I’ve been to vets all around the area and I’ll never go anywhere else but Noah’s Ark in the future.” -David H.

“Incredible office! All of the staff was very friendly and every detail taken care of. It’s luxury care for your pet. You can tell they all care a great deal as well!” -Laura O.