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Noah’s Angels


About Noah’s Ark Humane Society

Very Large Mats on a Very Small Dog

Noah’s Ark operates a non-profit organization within our hospital. Each year, Noah’s Ark “Angels” create a small fund that helps struggling families in our community receive life-saving treatment for their pets. We also use this fund to care for cases where cruelty and/or gross neglect have been involved.

Each and every day, the kind and compassionate staff of Noah’s Ark field requests from people who can’t afford veterinary care. Many people share that they don’t have even $1 to contribute towards the care of their companions. These members of our community aren’t unfeeling about their animals. Often, they live alone, and the pet is their best friend and constant companion. They’re embarrassed that they can’t pay to come in. Sometimes they have no transportation. Since we do not advertise or promote our Angel Funds (for fear of being completely overwhelmed) they’ve usually called many other places looking for help, only to be denied. Sometimes they’re frantic; sometimes they’re desperate. Our staff has to sift through these requests, make sure no one is denied care that has a pet that’s actively suffering, yet help our funds last through the year. It’s a challenging task, but at least we’re able to offer some people, some help. And we can offer that because of “Angels” who contribute what they can to support our efforts.

Recognize Me?

As charitable organizations go, ours is about as small as it gets. But while we may be small, to the people and pets we help, our assistance isn’t small . . . . . it’s a BIG deal to them. And there are many, many happy endings.

We accept donations any time of the year, in any amount. Here’s a few important facts about Noah’s Ark Humane Society:

100% of your donations to Noah’s Ark Humane Society go directly to animal care – Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital does not charge any administrative overhead expenses.

Noah’s Ark Companion Animal Hospital makes no profit on NAHS patients. All medical services are provided at or below our cost.

√ Noah’s Ark Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Read Ethel’s story here to learn about just one of the many projects Noah’s Ark Humane Society took on this year.

♥ Won’t you consider becoming a Noah’s Ark Angel today? 

Your contribution of any amount can be dropped off at Noah’s Ark, or mailed to 1239 Old Murphy Road, Franklin, NC, 28734. Please make checks payable to Noah’s Ark Humane Society.

We thank you, and they thank you.

Dawn Todd
Director, Noah’s Ark Humane Society