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  • Aug 17 2015

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    Dog Play is More than Just Fun and Games

    By Dawn Todd Dogs and humans have play in common. This is just one of the many reasons we feel such kinship to dogs – both our species like to play…

  • Jul 23 2015

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    Everything You Need to Know about Canine Flu

    Find yourself fearing the flu? Canine Influenza is a hot topic right now. We’ve taken some complicated science and distilled it into just what you need to know to keep your…

  • Jul 10 2015

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    Fighting a Formidable Foe — FLEAS!

    By Dawn Todd I often warn about the real dangers to our health ticks can pose. They’re capable of spreading some pretty nasty diseases to us. Despite that, no one comes in…

  • Jun 05 2015

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    Are you smarter than your dog?

    How Many Tricks do YOU Know? By Dawn Todd Take a moment if you will to consider how many “tricks” you’ve taught your pampered pet. Go ahead… I’ll wait.If you’re…

  • May 11 2015

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    To Chew Or Not To Chew… We’ll answer that question!

    Creating Champion Chewers by Dawn Todd Our home generally has 5-10 dogs of assorted ages and we frequently foster young puppies. Nearly everyone knows that puppies really like to chew. They’ll…

  • Apr 03 2015

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    Death by Dental Disease?

    Say Cheese! Pursuing a Perfect Smile…. by Dawn Todd Star Jones shows off her perfect smile! Your pet’s teeth & gums should look like this.   The foundation of great health…

  • Mar 13 2015

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    Are You Brave Enough to Feed Beneful?

      Will Beneful hurt my dog? That’s a question we’re hearing from many of our clients since the sensational headlines about Beneful hit the news. Seems like a lawyer in…

  • Oct 27 2014

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    Getting Great Greetings from Good Dogs

    When the doorbell rings, what goes on at your home? Do your canine companions become a gaggle of canine lunatics? When friends visit, do they make a beeline for the…

  • Jul 23 2014

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    Are You a Waiter or a Maintainer?

    I’m a creature of habit… more or less… and my general care and maintenance schedule is pretty routine and boring. I get my teeth cleaned every six months, I get…

  • Jun 23 2014

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    Is Your Pet a CORNivore?

    In order to determine if your pet is a CORNivore, you must first go get the food you’re currently feeding and let’s read the label together …. Go ahead, I’ll…