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  • May 11 2015

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    To Chew Or Not To Chew… We’ll answer that question!

    Creating Champion Chewers by Dawn Todd Our home generally has 5-10 dogs of assorted ages and we frequently foster young puppies.¬†Nearly everyone knows that puppies really like to chew. They’ll…

  • Apr 03 2015

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    Death by Dental Disease?

    Say Cheese! Pursuing a Perfect Smile…. by Dawn Todd Star Jones shows off her perfect smile!¬†Your pet’s teeth & gums should look like this.   The foundation of great health…

  • Mar 13 2015

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    Are You Brave Enough to Feed Beneful?

      Will Beneful hurt my dog? That’s a question we’re hearing from many of our clients since the sensational headlines about Beneful hit the news. Seems like a lawyer in…

  • Oct 27 2014

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    Getting Great Greetings from Good Dogs

    When the doorbell rings, what goes on at your home? Do your canine companions become a gaggle of canine lunatics? When friends visit, do they make a beeline for the…

  • Jul 23 2014

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    Are You a Waiter or a Maintainer?

    I’m a creature of habit… more or less… and my general care and maintenance schedule is pretty routine and boring. I get my teeth cleaned every six months, I get…

  • Jun 23 2014

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    Is Your Pet a CORNivore?

    In order to determine if your pet is a CORNivore, you must first go get the food you’re currently feeding and let’s read the label together …. Go ahead, I’ll…

  • Mar 19 2014

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    Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight! Fighting Fleas in Franklin, NC

    House fires and fleas have something in common. In the case of a house fire, you don’t sit around worrying much about having one until you see flames — then…

  • Feb 10 2014

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    Brush Up on Dental Care!

    I’m a bit obsessive about brushing my own teeth, but I can’t seem to do it for any of our dogs… not even the ridiculously pampered Yorkshire Terrier Little Caesar!…

  • Jan 19 2014

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    Fussy Fat Franklin Felines

    There’s a “growing” trend with our feline patients that’s impossible to ignore….at least 3 out of 4 of the felines we see are overweight or downright obese… some tipping the…

  • Nov 08 2013

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    Deadly Home Remedies

    One of the most common calls we get after hours sounds something like this … “Jake’s just not acting right. He’s all hunched up and he cries when he stands…