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  • Aug 07 2012

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    Dr. Todd Discusses Vaccinations

    Each year about 2000 humans visit Noah’s Ark with their beloved companion dogs and cats. Some are here year round and we see them for all their veterinary care; some…

  • Jun 06 2012

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    Who Wants a Nice Bowl of Corn?

    by Dawn Todd Last week a fantastic four-part documentary, The Weight of the Nation, began showing on HBO. This series brilliantly explains the devastation that highly processed food has had…

  • Jun 06 2012

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    Dining With Dogs

    by Dr. Jeff Todd Can you imagine eating the same thing, three times a day, 365 days a year, forever? I suspect even your favorite food would get really boring…

  • May 19 2012

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    Holy Hail!

    By Dr. Jeff Todd Last week it went from 70 degrees and sunny, to a full hail storm– in about 10 minutes time. Dawn happened to be working in her…

  • Mar 19 2012

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    How to Choose Pet Food

    How to Choose Pet Food – by Dawn Todd At Noah’s Ark you won’t find the same old dietary choices you see at most other veterinary clinics. Our philosophy is…

  • Mar 16 2012

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    Holy Cow Hold the Hooves!

    Lately I’ve seen an increasing number of cow hooves dropped off with pampered pooches being left to board at Noah’s Ark. Several months ago I wrote about using caution with…

  • Jan 05 2012

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    Sleep tight & don’t let the bats bite!

    Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bats bite. By Dawn Todd For years, when I tuck my nieces and nephews in after their bedtime story I say, ”Good…

  • Dec 08 2011

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    Don’t Be A Jerky

    Don’t Be A Jerky – by Dawn Todd Once again treats from China are making the news, and not in a good way.  Last month the FDA issued another warning…

  • Nov 03 2011

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    R U willing to eat the treats you feed your dog?

    By Dawn Todd My dear husband Dr. Todd has a habit of eating the treats we sell in our office. It’s not that he’s hungry; he just wants to know…